The Azores Adeliacor
  • Heritage
    Pico is a living testimony to the Cycle of Wine in the Azores. To know this story, one may explore, and savor, the small stone enclosures which spread from Lajido da Criação Velha up to Lajido de Santa Luzia, the "border area" of Pico's Vineyard Culture Protected Landscape. The austerity of the vineyard landscape and the viticultural ingrained experiences of the people of Pico contributed to the classification of this heritage as World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • Wine-producing region
  • The label
The territory comprising the islands of Sao Jorge, Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo in the Azores Archipelago presents a genuine cultural diversity, associated with local gastronomic tradition, especially the dairy products and wines of Pico.


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